The hymn of Macedonia

Macedonia  famous!

Alexander's country!

You  turned away barbarians  and you are now free!

You were and will be Greek, Greeks pride and we will admire you, free again!

Macedonians cant leave in slavery, if all they loose, their freedom remains.

They will never take the land of Macedonians, the Greek land,

the wonder of all centuries.



The "Hymn of Macedonia" is a very popular hymn amongst all Hellenes(Greeks), and in a few words demonstrates the glory of Macedonia,  the divotion to the loving memory to the Greatest of all Greeks King Alexander and  the struggle against the barbarians that trying through the centuries to occupie that holy ground. 

  It declairs the Hellenic identity of Macedonia and more, that Macedonia is the leading force among all Hellenic territories.

  It declaires the one and only virtue that every true Hellenas would die for: FREEDOM and the desision never to accept slavery.


Final comes the desicion never to surrender that holy ground...   




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