Modern history of Macedonia





   The Slavobulgaric threat over Macedonia started in the end of the 19th century after the foundation of the modern BULGARIA state and the occupation of ANATOLIKH ROMY LIA(north THRACE) a Greek territory with Greek population that were all killed or came in the Southern Greece as refuges.   

   Ancient Greek cities were destroyed then by Bulgaric hords Stenimaxos, Pyrgos, Pillipoupoli, Varna and many more. But they wanted more,after North Thrace they started TERRORISM against the Greek population of Macedonia by their Terrorist Gangs named KOMITATZIDES, and by killing, raping, burning, and blackmailing, they tried to take Macedonia too.
    But the Brave Macedonians, and other Greeks and especially Cretans decided that we had had enough.That way began the Macedonian Fight between native Macedonian-Greeks and KOMITATZIDES and OTTOMAN authorities from the other side.
   The battle was won and in year 1912-13 the Greek Armies with KING KONSTANTIN OS IB set free almost all Macedonia by defeating first OTHOMAN TURKS and then Bulgarians, except a small part in the North Macedonia occupied until today by the "state of Skopia" and Bulgaria and his population is still Greek or VLAXOI with Greek conscious.
    During German and Italian occupation of Greece at world war two, their allies Bulgarians, occupied parts of Greek territory, West Thrace and East and Central Macedonia. An orgy of killings, and destruction and all kinds of terror began, a small example is the genocide of the people of DOXATO in DRAMA region of Macedonia, where they murder all 4000 citizens of the village.
   The "Macedonian problem" in the late 19th and early 20th centurie was the Greek-Bulgarian conflict for the occupied by the Turks Greek providence Macedonia. They were fighting the Greeks to set Macedonia free, and Bulgaria to succes the Turks.

    This problem came to an end by the Victorious march of the Greek army in the Balkan wars of 1912-13, that set free almost all historical Macedonia territories. The new version of Macedonian problem started at the middle 20th century when Marchall Tito of Yugoslavia and Stalin dictator of Russia wanted a way out to Aegean sea and the very important port of Salonika.

   For that reason they renamed "Vardaska"(one of the six states of Yugoslavia), to "Macedonia". By that action they  created a Falsemacedonian state in order to claim rights in true Greek Macedonia!
   By that action they try to convince the international comunity that they are the true Macedonian state and that Greece occupies  "South Macedonia" which is the true,one and only Macedonia and it is the heart of Greece since King Philip B united all Greece in one union.ground...


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