Byzantine  Empire

The Great Hellenic Empire 

Constanine IA' Paleologos Dragases King and Emperor of the Greeks 

 Map of our glorious Byzantine Empire during the era of the Great King  Vasil B' the Bulgarslayer.  

Hagia Sofia of Constantinople, the Great Church, the Cathedral of Orthodox Christianity build by Emperor Justinian who saied   <<Νενίκηκά σε Σολομών>> meaning <<I beat you, oh Solomon>> 


 The website for the history of Macedonia the land of Alexander the Great that spread hellenism till the borders of China and India MACEDONIAS  home page .


<<Out of the castle he charges, with naked sword  and slays hundreds of turks and thousands of sharasens. He and his army.>>

Map of the Queen of the cities Constantinople

The Defender General of the City