Byzantine history of Macedonia




   Slowly the Roman Empire turned into the Greek Byzantine Empire and the capital transfered from Rome to the Greek city Vizantio renamed Constantinople.
   All these year,and during all ages no one claimed rights on Macedonia accept its own people, until in the 6th and the 7th century and after the Imperial forces had thrown away Hans, and Goths, tribes named SLAVS and BULGARIANS attacked the border of Danube, these tribes were so barbaric and uncivilized that their King KRUMOS when defeated Emperor NIKHFOROS THE FIRST he cut off his head and made a cup of his scull
and used to drink his wine in it!

  After many battles,destructions of Greek cities, millions of Greek people dead or enslaved Great Emperor VASILEIOS B' also named BULGARIAN KILLER finally managed to defeat the Slavobulgaric hord and throw them away from the sacred land of Macedonia and other Greece in year 1014 a.c. in the battle of CLEIDION.
   But Bulgarians and other Slavs were permanently created states inside the Balkan peninsula in the ancient territories of ANO MYSIA (BULGARIA)and DARDANIA (SCOPIA)then Macedonia became the border between the Greek Empire and the Slavobulgaric States.ground...   


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