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Welcome to the intranet site. In this site you can find important documents (such as joining instructions etc), the Unit calendar so that you can keep up to date with Unit events, have discussions with other members of the Unit and comment on the site, and also we have Unit announcements and resources (mostly for the NCOs... things like lessons plans etc) that you may need.
Lastly and certainly not least, we have who our staff are, what their roles are and how to contact them on Cadet-related matters.


Important Documents such as NZCF 8s, Joining instructions, equipment lists, information on how to wear and look after your Uniform (and brassard badges) and other information useful to you


Keep track of Unit activities with our calendar

Unit Staff

List of Unit Staff, their roles and how to Contact them bout Cadet-related issues


Want to talk on various matters? go to our Discussion page!


Important Unit announcements from the Staff


Important Documents and resources for Staff and NCOs


Get in touch with us by email about the site.