August 25th 2013
Juniata River Clean-Up
Huntingdon - Point Access

The Juniata River is a beautiful waterway that is always in need of a little TLC. This August we hope to start what will become an annual event focused on cleaning up the waterways. Through a joint partnership with the Juniata Clean Water Partnership, Rothrock Outfitters, and Keep Pa. Beautiful we hope to make a positive impact both on the waterway and in the community that surrounds it. 

What do we do with the trash when we find it?
Attendees will be given trash bags and recycling bags to those wishing to house trash in their boats. We will also have two large John boats floating downstream to collect larger objects. 
There will be a dumpster collection station at the end of the float to deposit any waste items into. 

Schedule of Events:
Noon-  Meet at 4th Street Boat Launch in Huntingdon, Pa.

Paddle downriver collecting trash from river bank and river bottom. Deposit larger items like tires and metal scrap into one of the trash collection barges we will be providing.

4pm-  Everyone off the river. Last Shuttle Run 4:15pm
        Take-Out at Point Access On Raystown Branch

How to sign-up:
Use the form to the right to sign-up individually. 

Need a Boat/ Shuttle?
Use the form to the right to indicate the boat you will need as an individual. If paddling a canoe use the second paddler spot to indicate their first and last names.

Rental Boats: $15 for kayaks-$25 for tandems/ canoes
This is $10 off the regular fee for rentals.

We will provide shuttle service back from the Point for individuals and their boats. The shuttle is a $5.00/person charge to cover our costs. This is not event that seeks to turn a profit rather clean-up a section of river. 

Things to Bring
1- Leather Gloves or rubberized garden gloves
 (we will have some availible onsite should you not be able to procure them.)
2- Re-usable waterbottles to keep hydrated
3- Sunscreen
4- Watershoes with closed toes- not flip flops!
5-A kayak or canoe (if you do not intend to rent one)

Where do we meet?
We will be meeting at the Fourth Street Launch In Smithfield (across the bridge from Huntingdon.) Paddlers may choose to launch as late as 1:30pm. 

Sponsored By:

Special Thanks to:
Parks Garbage- Helping with disposal and dumpster
Strickler's Water and Ice- Water and Ice