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My Google test page 

This is just a test page. 

I usually write on my blog

 Why is google doing this (imho).

Google Page Creator is another move in a direction which is becoming clearer every day just look at Apple's iWeb and at mySpace.

Nicely designed templates, extreme ease of use. It's CMS for the rest of... them.


From weblogs we have learned that you don't have to be a programmer to manage a web site. Weblogs come mainly from smart people with a lot to say and are aimed at smart people with a lot to say.


Weblogs are becoming popular but the truth is that the vast majority of Internet users don't have much to say. They want to be on the web, they want to share something from time to time, but the "posts in reverse chronological order" format just don't cut for them.


What we are seeing here is an extremely easy to use tool coming from the most recognized brand on the web: users will trust the logo on the top of this page and will start publishing their stuff here.


 Since it has to be simple there are no advanced blogging features. No feeds, no comments, no trackback. Just plain WYSIWYG editing.


This is where a lot of people will be hanging very soon imho.