an easy way to delete your own kernels

gkernel is a zenity + bash script that allows you to select and remove your own linux kernel toghether with all the related files installed by "make install"


 gkernel finds all the vmlinuz files in your /boot directory



If you want to remove a kernel you must run gkernel as root (sudo ./gkernel will dothe trick)


gkernel doesn't modify grub/lilo configuration, that's up to you!


Do you want to try gkernel? You can donwload the latest version here. 



gkernel0.4: Changed the way to find out kernels and symlinks. Hopefully more portable now. 

gkernel0.3: No bug fixing, just minor improvement, real vmlinuz file and symlink are displayed in different windows. Kernel images are ordered by creation time. Running kernel version is displayed as the title of the main window. If /boot is not mounted gkernel exits after displaying an error message.

gkernel0.2: Fixed a nasty bug that could cause the deletion of the /lib/modules directory if no kernel were selected and the OK button pressed. Thanks to Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray for noticing the problem.