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Annual Meeting is SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, 2021 

Year End Report Deadline, Sunday, January 10, 2021


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At the Annual Meeting of the congregation a year ago, changes were made to the church constitution to clarify the difference between active and inactive membership.  As the Church Council has discussed how to move forward in creating these two lists of membership standing, the Council came to a consensus that there is no better person to assign active or inactive membership than the members themselves. 

Therefore, ALL persons who the Council believes may consider themselves church members will receive a letter and response card in early January asking whether you prefer to be listed as an “active member,” an “inactive member,” or as a “friend” (and therefore not formally a member at all).

The distinction between active and inactive membership is explained in the letter.  We are asking that you read the letter carefully and then send back your response card indicating how you wish to be listed on the official church membership roll.  

The letter states clearly –and it bears repeating here –that there is NO VALUE judgement about being listed as active or inactive. All our members, active or inactive, are valued and have equal call on the services of the church. It does matter, however, for purposes of wider church reporting how we number the active members of the church.  

It’s also important to understand (as the letter states) that if you do not return the form, we will assume you wish to be listed as an inactive member.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch with Council President Faith Wittwer, any other member of the Church Council, or Administrative Assistant Kathie Wagner.

Thank you!

The Church Council

Zwingli United Church of Christ

Holiday Greetings

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Holiday greetings to all of you and yours! Many wishful blessings for a safe, healthy, and happy New Year 2021. 

2020 has certainly been a challenging year in our lifetimes. Normalcy has not been the norm this past year. A global pandemic that has affected so many families with serious illness, and even deaths. A weakened economy, causing many people concern regarding their livelihood. Uprisings for various reasons….there surely is even more to list. 

In times like these, may you look to our little church, Zwingli UCC - Paoli, for a bit of solace and comfort in your daily life. 

In direct consequence of the pandemic, so too, has our church been affected - we are still unable to safely hold church services in the sanctuary. We all miss the camaraderie of worshipping together, our social get-togethers, fundraising projects, bible study, Sunday school, mission activities. And a loss for our church family was Pastor Rich who retired at the end of the year. 

Your church Council is also experiencing the effects of the pandemic. One direct consequence of the pandemic has affected the recruitment of new Council members to fill open seats on the Council. All three vacancies remain open. Therefore, the Council has declared an emergency order to continue with the present six members for the foreseeable next four to six months. Recruitment for new Council members will be begin in earnest in the spring of ’21. 

Pastor Rich’s last church service was held on Sunday, December 27th. It was with both great sadness, and happiness for him, that we bid him farewell. May he and Ruby totally enjoy their retirement. 

The Council is in the process of securing both a temporary pastor and a permanent pastor. The Profile Committee is working hard at completing the profile of our congregation. Then the newly named Search Committee will work in earnest to begin the hiring process of a new pastor. Rest assured, our church will continue to have weekly church services, beginning in the new year. 

All church committees need to have their annual reports submitted to Kathie Wagner by January 10, 2021. Our Annual All Church Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 31st, 2021. The time of the meeting, and format of the meeting are yet to be determined. 

With our blessings, 

Your Church Council 


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Scholarship Program

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Are you looking for ways to get involved in a religious studies community during your time at college? Do you have a passion to speak out for justice in our communities and world? Lakeland University, a UCC affiliated school, offers a full-tuition scholarship opportunity to students with these interests. It’s called the Ulrich Scholars Scholarship Program, named after the long-time and beloved Lakeland Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Reinhard Ulrich. Each year nine Ulrich Scholars earn a $20,000 per year scholarship to attend Lakeland University. They also offer one student a full-tuition award. Students who receive these awards major or minor in Religion, participate in Ulrich Scholars events throughout the year (including lectures, retreats, community service, and visits to various religious communities), and lead a social justice initiative on or off campus in their junior or senior year. 

Applicants must submit their materials by January 22, 2021 at The full-tuition competition is set to take place on January 29, 2021.


If you have any questions, contact Dr. Karl Kuhn at or 

Women’s Guild Meeting

posted Dec 1, 2020, 6:59 AM by Cameron Hubanks

A virtual meeting was called to order by President Debbie Versnik at 1:00 on Sunday November 22, 2020. Pastor Rich and Ruby and 6 members present. 

Pastor Rich led us in prayer. 

Secretary’s Report: Read and approved 

Treasurer’s Report: Trina reported a balance of $9999.04 in the checking account. Our commitment to the church of $5000 (1 of 2 payments) has been paid. The remaining $3700 will be paid on December 31, 2020. Trina reported a profit of $7000 after expenses for the online auction. A Kwik Trip gift card will be given to Riley Kahl for his services in setting the auction up. 

Sunshine Report: None 

Old Business: Cookbook sales – 1 cookbook remaining for $10 

New Business: Distribution of funds for the year 2021 

Church Budget $8500 

Salvation Army $ 200 Plus proceeds from Kwik Trip cards 

Montrose Town Hall $ 100 

Church World Mission $ 100 

New Glarus Home Received $2000 from the drive-thru breakfast 

Belleville, Verona, and Oregon Food Pantries have been receiving generous donations of food and cash from our monthly collections. 

Motion to approve the distribution of funds, Louise Brunkow, 2nd Ruby Pleva 

• Kwik Trip cards will again be available. Contact Trina Pauli. 

• We will again deliver “Cookies to Kelsch”. We ask you make a plate or tray of your choice to be picked up on December 13th to be delivered to Kelsch Machine. Please contact Faith Wittwer or Trina Pauli for your donation. 

• Faith Wittwer informed us ALL accounts will be audited by the insurance board in the near future. This includes Church and Guild accounts 

• We discussed future events and decided to put this “on hold” to see what happens during COVID. Our suggestion would to be to host another drive thru event. 

• All Guild meeting dates and committee planning will remain “on hold” as well until definite plans can be made. 

• Annual meeting – 2021 will be determined by the Council. 

Pastoral Concerns: Pastor Rich thanked everyone for all the hard work and support we have given him and Ruby. He stated he has enjoyed working with everyone these past 2½ years and will miss us all. Thank you to you Pastor Rich. 

Meeting was adjourned 

Submitted by Linda Everson, Secretary 

Women’s Guild Activities

We are planning todelivercookies to Kelsch again this yearSince we can’t meet at the church to package cookies, we offer 2 options for those who wantto participate.

1.Deliver the cookies yourself the week of December 14, or…..

2.Contact Trina (608) 345-1877 or Faith (608) 206-1075, to pick up and deliver/package your cookies. There is no set numberof cookies you must contribute,and we can combine cookies to make a full plate. 

We are selling Kwik Trip Gift Cards and Kwik Trip Car Wash Cards, with the proceeds going to the Salvation Army. 

Gift Cardsare available from $5 to $500 and can be used for fuel or storeitems.  Car Wash Cardssell for $35--(5 Ultimate Washes valued at$50).  

OrderbyDecember 13th!!

trinalk@aol.comor 608-345-1877

(If you need the cards sooner let herknow)

Tickets sales:  $3866.00Donations:$1298.25 Auction:$2082.18 

There aresome expenses yet to be paid, but overall,this was anotheroutstanding event considering what is happening in our world!!

Raffle Ticket Winners:1stKatie Batker2ndKevin Wittwer3rdSue Ace4thDenise Heller5thCraig Klassy6thJr. Eichelkraut7thChris Brown


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2020 will forever be remembered as the pandemic year. Our lives have been wrestled out of long-standing patterns into new forms – many of which have been difficult and challenging. For many of us, however, even with inconvenience and frustration, we have had no trouble providing for ourselves. Most of us have plenty of food, warm shelter, appropriate clothing, and much more. But for many of God’s beloved children the pandemic has been devastating. Given that our faith is so much about giving, you are invited to join with other members of Zwingli Church in supporting one or more of three special offerings this month: 

Host-a-Family will benefit local families in need of a helping hand.

Christmas is coming and more than ever there will be local families struggling to give presents to their children. In years past, Zwingli has provided gifts for numerous children in the Stoughton, Oregon, Brooklyn, and McFarland areas. 

This year Host A Family is asking for monetary donations only. They need to avoid all the organizing and gathering that gifts create as well as not asking the givers to go shopping and be out and about. They do not want gift cards this year either as they will purchase these with the donations. 

Zwingli has been very generous in the past. This year our goal is to raise funds for 30 children. That is $1500 total or $50 per child. Please consider donating what you can to help Host A Family provide for local families a Merry Christmas. Deadline: December 12 

Heifer Project is a mission enterprise which provides livestock and poultry to needy families around the world.  See newsletter.

The Christmas Fund is a unique UCC offering. There are many UCC clergy who work faithfully for an entire career at low wages and retire with pensions barely adequate or frankly, utterly inadequate to provide a basic living support in retirement. The Christmas Fund provides Christmas-time supplements to these clergy and their family.

Each year, the Pension Boards receives many notes and letters of thanks from recipients of assistance made possible by your gifts to the Christmas Fund. These letters come from both retired and active UCC pastors or their surviving spouses. Here are excerpts from just two of the letters received by the Pension Boards letting us know what a difference your generosity has made in their lives and the lives of their families. 

Here are excerpts from two notes received last year: “My/our gratitude goes beyond words! With this gift I was able to pay the outstanding propane bill and have the propane tank refilled. It was depleted to 10% of capacity, and we have been having some very cold nights this winter. My husband's illness has precluded him from doing any work for the last 6 months, and we have fallen way behind in our living expenses... 

“My church, although solvent, was unable to give me a raise this year and is experiencing a shortfall in pledges. Thank you again for your faithful and compassionate gift which has enabled us to keep warm!” 

“This note is a heartfelt thank you for the very generous emergency grant that the Board provided us to help offset costs associated with my kidney transplant and follow-up medical procedures and appointments. Not surprisingly, our family prayed a lot in the months leading up to my transplant in great anticipation of what was coming, and in the time since, having received the gift of a ‘ second chance’ at life... 

“We are grateful for modem medicine, excellent medical providers, and the support of our local and wider church families and friends, including the United Church of Christ Pension Boards... 

“We never lost faith, trusting in Christ's promise that we would not - and will not - have to walk alone. Thank you for meeting us along our path and for extending your outstretched hand to help us financially.” 

In 2019, gifts to the Christmas Fund enabled: 

    • • Monthly pension supplementation for 350 retired clergy and lay employees ($1,347,419) 
    • • Health premium supplementation for 144 retired clergy and lay employees ($374,577) 
    • • Emergency grants for 69 individuals and families ($123,727) 
    • • Christmas “Thank You” gift checks to 521 retired clergy and lay employees ($260,500) 

How can you give? It’s simple! Send an extra check to the church this month and designate it for one or two or all three of these special offerings. Just make sure you include a note explaining how you want your extra gift to be divided. Thank you and God bless you! 


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Sunday School

posted Oct 2, 2020, 7:10 AM by Cameron Hubanks   [ updated Nov 5, 2020, 6:21 AM ]

The confirmation class continues to meet by Google Meet with Pastor Rich and Lee Stilwell.We’ve concluded our survey of Old Testament stories and are now into the New Testament.We are also watching video clips which present important theological issueswith a touch of whimsy and humor.

Please keep the class in your prayers.

If there is to be any sort of Sunday School this fall, it almost certainly will need to be partly or entirely online with strong parental participation and support. We have access to some curriculum resources that could be used to do Sunday School in that way, but we need a person or two who would be willing to do the necessary organizational and promotional work. Might that be you? Please speak with Kriss Ace or Pastor Rich if you’re interested or would like more information. 


posted Oct 2, 2020, 7:09 AM by Cameron Hubanks

For over 6 months now, it is not been prudent for our congregation to gather in our sanctuary for worship. This reality breaks many hearts – as well it should – but until it will be safe to do so, we will find other ways to live out our collective faith. But many of our financial obligations continue whether we gather to worship or not, AND many of you have been extraordinarily faithful in continuing your financial support of the church. 

Thank you. Please keep those offerings coming by mailing them to Zwingli United Church of Christ, PO Box 530, Belleville, WI 53508. God bless you! 

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