Zwingli United Church of Christ,  Paoli Wisconsin

“A small church with a big and open heart!”    

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 Zwingli UCC – A small church with a big and open heart!

Zwingli United Church of Christ isn’t just this quaint and historical building nestled near the banks of the Sugar River at the intersection of highways 69 and PB.  In fact, the church is people!  We are a small congregation, but lively and committed to learning and service.  We welcome all people and are intentionally LGBTQ friendly.  If you explore this website you will learn more about us and the ways we promote a thoughtful and questioning approach to Christian faith.  Please come and visit!  We would like to get to know you! 

Oh…one more thing:  Why “Zwingli” United Church of Christ?  Ulrich Zwingli wasone of the 
first Protestant reformers.  He served congregations in Glarus and Zurich, Switzerland in the 1500’s.  His teachings were important to the Swiss settlers who founded this congregation over a 100 years ago.  We don’t much talk about Zwingli today, but like Zwingli sought to make faith relevant 500 years ago, we seek to make faith relevant today!  

Your contributions for support of the church can be mailed to:


Zwingli United Church of Christ

P.O. Box 530

Belleville, WI  53508