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Paola Morales-Acevedo is a Researcher at the Central Bank of Colombia, Banco de la República. Prior to that, she was an Economist at the Applied Research and Modelling Division of the Sveriges Riksbank

She holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the CentER graduate school of Tilburg University (Netherlands). During her Ph.D. studies Paola visited the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of  Zurich for one semester. She also did two internships, one at the Research Department of the Sveriges Riksbank and another one at the Monetary Capital Markets Department (Financial Crisis) of the International Monetary Fund. Paola has been a Junior Fellow of the European Banking Center.  

Paola obtained a M. Phil. in Finance from Tilburg University in 2011, a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering in 2009, a B.A. in Economics in 2009 and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering in 2007 from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). After finishing her first bachelor degree she worked for three years at the Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank of ColombiaBanco de la Republica.

Paola's research interest includes empirical banking, financial intermediation, monetary policy, behavioral finance and corporate finance.