Mission Statement

The Psychoanalytic Association of New York, an organization of psychoanalysts established in 1955, is a component society of the American Psychoanalytic Association.  Its members, the majority of whom are associated with the Psychoanalytic Institute (affiliated with the NYU School of Medicine), hold degrees in medicine, psychology, and social work. Its mission is to promulgate the profession of psychoanalysis. This includes increasing public awareness of the wide usefulness of psychoanalytic ideas as well as the utility and efficacy of psychoanalytic therapies.  


PANY is firmly committed to the traditions of education, research, and patient care, and carries out its mission through several functions.  Through monthly scientific meetings, it provides a venue in which scholars present recent findings in psychoanalysis, and findings dealing with the relationship between psychoanalysis and other fields – child development, the neurosciences, and the arts. These meetings are open to the public. To enhance the education of psychoanalytic clinicians, PANY sponsors postgraduate seminars. Our Student Aid Fund assists psychoanalytic candidates in financing the cost of their training.

Our members offer free consultation and affordable psychotherapy to individuals in training at the NYU Medical Center and to their families. Medical students receive these services on referral from the Medical Student Health Service of the NYU School of Medicine. 

Three times a year, PANY distributes the PANY Bulletin, which is available to members, libraries, agencies and other institutions.

For further information, you may email M. Carmela Perez, PhD, President of PANY, at cperez@nyc.rr.com.