About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Before that, I got a Ph.D. in Computer Science in May 2019 from University of Maryland (UMD), College Park jointly advised by Dr. John Dickerson and Dr. Aravind Srinivasan, and another Ph.D. in Operations Research in Aug. 2012 from Iowa State University (ISU) under the supervision of Dr. Lizhi Wang.

I have been fortunate to be supported by several Fellowships and Awards including an F. Wendell Miller Fellowship (2009-2012, ISU), a Research Excellence Award (2013, ISU), an Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship (2018-2019, UMD), an Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award (2018, UMD), and a Larry S. Davis Doctoral Dissertation Award (2019, UMD).

Here are the links to my CV and Google Scholar.

Recent News:

I am looking for highly self-motivated students with strong CS and/or Math backgrounds. Please contact me (pxu@njit.edu) if you are interested in my research (see my Research and Publications).

  • [April, 2020] Two full papers are accepted in IJCAI 2020.

  • [March, 2020] NSF CRII Award.

  • [Sep, 2019] One invited talk in the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting at Seattle On Oct. 21 about our AAAI-19 paper "Balancing Relevance and Diversity in Online Bipartite Matching via Submodularity". Ping me if you are there. :)

  • [Sep, 2019] One full paper is accepted in WINE 2019.

  • [Feb, 2019] Two papers accepted to ICDE 2019 (one full paper+one short paper).

  • [Jan, 2019] Our paper titled with "Online Resource Allocation with Matching Constraints" is accepted to AAMAS 2019.

  • [Dec, 2018] Goldhaber Travel Award from the Graduate School of UMD.

  • [Nov, 2018] Three papers are accepted to AAAI 2019.