Here you go…


Please install the vrpn_server_MPT program on the Metria MoiréPhaseTracking (MPT) computer in /Metria/Software/MPT_TrackingSystem/Networking/


From a new terminal on the MPT computer open a new terminal, navigate to /Metria/Software/MPT_TrackingSystem/Networking/ and run the vrpn_server:




[user@bolt11 Networking] ./vrpn_server_MPT 6000


Where 6000 is the port that the MPT computer is sending measurements to.


With an MPT marker in view of the camera, you should see streaming output like:


Got a packet (0000000000): X: +000.001888 (M), Y: +000.014536 (M), Z: +000.135645 (M), QX: +0.659873, QY: -0.729117, QZ: +0.177651, QR: +0.037349

Got a packet (0000000001): X: +000.001888 (M), Y: +000.014537 (M), Z: +000.135638 (M), QX: +0.659829, QY: -0.729136, QZ: +0.177732, QR: +0.037388

Got a packet (0000000002): X: +000.001889 (M), Y: +000.014539 (M), Z: +000.135636 (M), QX: +0.659856, QY: -0.729133, QZ: +0.177658, QR: +0.037320


If not, please check the following:

  In /home/user/.mpt/ConfigRunTime.xml          make sure the UDPHost is the subnet broadcast address:  Either or (depends on the scanner’s subnet size)

  If this still doesn’t work, probably the firewall doesn’t allow UDP from the UDPPort (I think 6000) on your machine.  Oliver should be able to punch a hole in the firewall for you.

  You could also change the UPDHost to ‘localhost’ instead of an IP address, but then the packets won’t get to the scanner until you change it back.  Using the broadcast address will allow all machines on the scanner subnet to receive the MPT UDP packets.



With the server program running on the MPT computer, you will be able to connect to the it from Vizard.  This connection will be to a ‘Tracker’ that will provide Vizard with the 6DOF data.  Open the program (attached) in Vizard, make sure the IP address to the MPT computer is correct, it may be (not 4), I don’t remember.


Run the program to see the hand avatar.


Let me know how it goes.






The Metria computer is configured to send the measurements to port 6000 on the scanner network’s broadcast address (


The Metria computer needs a firewall hole (for UDP on port 6000) so that the VRPN-Server (running on the metria computer) can receive the measurement data.

The Metria computer also needs a firewall hole (for UDP on port 3883) so that the VRPN-Server can receive requests from VRPN-Client (running inside of Vizard).


So just add the following lines to /etc/sysconfig/iptables:


-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m udp -p udp --dport 6000 -j ACCEPT

-A INPUT -m state --state NEW -m udp -p udp --dport 3883 -j ACCEPT


Then reboot the Metria computer.




I believe it uses 3883 to establish the link.  Then the firewall allows other ports based on the ESTABLISHED rule

It works on my machine which is very similar to yours.

Xueni Pan,
Feb 3, 2015, 2:46 PM