Areas of Expertise: From Micro To Macro & From Macro To Micro
    •  Financial statement analysis and corporate valuation.
    •  Cross-industry economic links and value creation along the supply chain.
      •  Properties of financial accounting data and corporate financial reporting.
        •  Forecasting and nowcasting economic activity using financial accounting data.
        •  Measurement of economic activity in the National Accounts.

        Research Papers: Interdisciplinary Capital Markets Research
        • Synthetic Governance.
        • On the Capital Market Implications of Alternative Data: Evidence from Outer Space.
        • Identifying the Roles of Accounting Accruals in Corporate Financial Reporting.
        • On the Origins of Forecast Walk-Downs: A Macro-to-Micro Perspective.
        • Valuation Uncertainty and Short-Sales Constraints: Evidence from the IPO Aftermarket.
        • Stock Market Returns and GDP News.
          • Forthcoming in the Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance (SSRN | PDF).
        • Customer-Base Concentration: Implications for Audit Pricing and Quality.
        • Identifying Conditional Conservatism in Financial Accounting Data: Theory and Evidence.
        •  From Micro to Macro: Does Conditional Conservatism Aggregate up in the National Accounts?
        • Asymmetrically Timely Loss Recognition and the Accrual Anomaly. Discussion of Konstantinidi et al.
        •  Placebo Tests of Conditional Conservatism.
          •  Customer-Base Concentration, Inventory Efficiencies, and Firm Valuation: Evidence from Manufacturing
          •  On the Pricing of Mandatory DCF Disclosures: Evidence from Oil and Gas Royalty Trusts.
          •  Taking the Pulse of the Real Economy Using Financial Statement Analysis: Implications for Macro Forecasting and Stock Valuation
          •  Accounting Earnings and Gross Domestic Product.
          •  Detecting News in Aggregate Accounting Earnings: Implications for Stock Market Valuation.
          •  Customer-Base Concentration: Implications for Firm Performance and Capital Markets.
          •  More Evidence of Bias in Differential Timeliness Estimates of Conditional Conservatism.

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