About Us

A family tradition originating in the southern most region of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.
The gauchos, the Brazilian equivalent of American cowboys, would carve the deliciously prepared roasted meat for friends and family.

Panorama Brazilian  Grill , specializes in rodizio and world famous Picanha, which is a variety of different roasted meats on skewers in a rotisserie style Brazilian made grill that is made slowly to keep the best  taste of the meats intact while adding our very own seasoning to all our dishes.

The meats are then served table side steaming hot and fresh, this is called rodizio. Here at Panorama Brazilian Grill we continue that tradition by sharing a delicious part of the Brazilian culture with you. We also offer a full menu representing each region of Brazil, Minas Gerais, Bahia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Panorama Brazilian Grill  is a pioneer, in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Opening its doors in 1996,  Panorama Brazilian Grill has maintained a reputation of excellence service and a family atmosphere.

Panorama Brazilian l serves the finest cuts of beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb.
 In the mood for same drinks before dinner, offering the finest beverages and a variety of beers and wine as well. Try our caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian mixed drink , prepared with white wine, lime and sugar.

Whether you are planning a night out with friends or a special event or just an evening out with the family, at Panorama Brazilian Grill we have something for everyone.