Yacht Elektra is an electric propulsion yacht and was the UK's first commercially coded vessel of its kind.

She is a Victoria 800 sailing yacht, based on the Frances 26 designed by Chuck Paine.

For a timeline of the build process please see the Elektra Yachts community page

For more information about the developer, see http://John.Rushworth.com

Yacht Elektra uses a DC low voltage high torque, axial gap, axial flux, PM (permanent magnet) brushed motor built by the Lynch Motor Company Ltd. It was originally designed by Cedric Lynch, who invented and together with Trevor Lees built the Lynch Motor. A history of the Lynch motor by Ted Dillard.

The word Elektra comes from Greek Mythology:-

ELEKTRA (or Electra) was the Okeanid Nymph wife of the sea god Thaumas, and the mother of Iris the Rainbow and the storm-wind Harpyiai (Harpies).

She was perhaps the Nephele (Cloud-Nymphe) of the amber-trim, êlektron, of storm-clouds illuminated by the returning sun. Her other name Ozomene, suggests the cloudy source of the rainbow shooting down to the sea.