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Carl Edwin (C.E.) Lindgren, FWAAS, FRAI, FColT, FRSA  (November 20, 1949- ) is an educationalist and social scientist who conducts research in psychohistory, comparative scientific pedagogics, Metagogiek (Education of Becoming), generational family matrix development and spatial time ripple reactions and their relation to social behavior. He serves on the Trident University PhD Dissertation Committee in the College of Education and as president of the American School of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences



Lindgren was born into a middle class family in the hill region of southwest Virginia. His father, Carl Edwin Lindgren, Sr. (January 7, 1923-) was a union worker, silver speculator and log hauler and his mother (Ruby K. Lindgren née Corder (August 8, 1932-October 11, 2011) was a real estate agent and humanitarian. In 2006, she received the Grand Cross from the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the royal family of Georgia.


Lindgren entered Northwest Mississippi Junior College in the fall of 1968 and transferred to the University of Mississippi in September of 1970 on an Academic Achievement Scholarship Award. He graduated with his BAE in social science in May 1972 and continued his studies at the university until 1977 when he was awarded a MEd in education and history. While at the university in 1977 (6-22 June), he attended the Robert A. Taft Institute Seminar, as a Scholar’s Fellow. It was at the Seminar that Lindgren met and befriend Andrew Lamar Alexander. He also received an E.D.P.A. Graduate Fellowship in the Social Sciences.


He took off eleven years from education to travel (England, France, Spain, India and Canada) and work, returning to the University of Mississippi in September 1989 to start a Specialist Degree in Education in curriculum and research methodology including a Field Research Project (equivalent to the D.Min. or Psy.D./D.Psy). While at Ole Miss, he was elected to Phi Alpha Theta and Kappa Delta Pi.  He graduated from the university in 1993. During this time, he traveled to England when he also enrolled in the College of Preceptors fellowship program receiving his Fellowship (FCP) in educational history from the College [College of Teachers] in 1993. While in England he worked on several archaeological digs in England and south Scotland, he also joined the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Egypt Exploration Society and British Archaeological Association. Prior to this, he had been elected Fellow to the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain. He was proposed by noted Egyptologist and Egyptian anthropologist Rosalind Moss and seconded by former President of the RAI and Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University Prof Eric Sunderland, CBE. In 1994, he entered the University of South Africa, starting his doctorate in educational history and research. While working on his degree, he traveled often to Pretoria and other South African cities. He became involved in UNISA activities and also attended rallies and meetings held by Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu. He graduated on December 1999 with a DEd by research.




In 2002, Lindgren accepted the position of official North American Representative for the Foreign Delegation of the Professed Brotherhood of the Order of St. Michael of the Wing, and the following year, he assisted as a protocol delegate of the Organization Committee for the Celebrations of the 600th anniversary of the Royal House of Bragança.  The same year he worked as North American Liaison of the Foreign Delegation for the visit of HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia to Portugal to meet HRH, the Duke of Braganza. Starting in 2002, he has served as American representative to the Noble Compañia de Ballesteros Hijosdalgo de San Felipe y Santiago. Two years earlier, he had been made a Knightly Brother of the noble company.




Early in 2003 Lindgren became the first Occidental to accept the position as Chancellor of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, under Crown Prince Bao Long. Because of his endeavors, he was later made Grand Collar of said order and given a courtesy title of Marquis.[1] In 2006-08 he was appointed as advisor to His Royal Highness Prince Hso Khan Pha of Yawnghwe of Burma on educational and the Shan Relief matters (Shan State).




Lindgren has received over 25 fellowships, medals, honors and knighthoods for his work in education and humanitarian endeavors. In the summer of 2002, he received the Medal of Merit, from the Order of the Immaculate Conception of Vila Viçosa. The following year, he was invested into the Order as a Knight Commander as well as being proposed by Alfonso de Ceballos-Escalera y Gila as an Académico Correspondiente in the Academia Belgo-Espanola de Historia (Spain). Lindgren’s work led to his elevation by the Duke of Braganza to Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael of the Wing. During 2007, Lindgren was elected as a fellow of the World Association of International Studies (formerly the California Institute of International Studies - Stanford University which had been founded by Hoover Fellow Dr. Ronald Hilton). Later in 2008 he was accepted as Knight Commander of both the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and Order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro. The following year he also received a Priory Vote of Thanks from the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem..




Lindgren is currently Special Editorial Advisor of the Journal of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Education (Institute of  Economic Sciences, Serbia) and Senior Editor of ALTAIR, The Journal of Genealogy, Heraldry and Documentary Sciences as well as doing articles for the  Encyclopedia of Earth. In the past, he has served on the editorial committee of the Almanach de Bruxelles (Brussels). The first ALMANACH DE BRUXELLES was published in 1818 as the Nouvel Almanach de Poche de Bruxelles pour 1818. He also served for many years on the editorial board of Science Technology (now called The Journal, the official publication of the Institute of Science and Technology - England) and was guest editor for its publication ((Lindgren, C. E. (guest editor). (July 1993). Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences - The University of Mississippi]. Science Technology. London: Institute of Science Technology - London, no. 29. - Lindgren, Carl Edwin and Penni Bolton. (1993, July). The extraction of taxol from taxus X media 'hickii' -- RIPS and anticancer research)). Later (1999, 2002), he submitted entries on Robert Herbert Quick & William Clark in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Ed. Colin Matthew (Oxford University Press) and entries on Benjamin Blake, Gothard Deutsch, Alexander James Inglis, Amory Dwight Mayo, Paschal Beverly Randolph & Mathew (Matthew) Lyle Spencer for the American National Biography (Oxford University Press). Between 1990-1998 he wrote over 150 of which 50 were peer review.




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Dan Brown then quotes from Professor Carl Edwin Lindgren's seminal article ‘The Way of the Rose Cross; A Historical ...’ Another part of this same article has struck me as being quite pertinent to The Lost Symbol …”



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I prefer to aim my camera when all breathing has ceased – when time has ebbed and it’s perpetually three o’clock on a summer Sunday afternoon. Some scenes are suspended at midafternoon for decades while others burst back to life in a minute or two. Doors are propped half open. Parking lots are empty. Smoke rises from an untended garbage can. This South has an indisputable timeless quality about it. A cage vine, smothered barn, a brightly painted Volkswagen bus, a glistening white courthouse, or a bay mare flipping her tail, occupies a single moment. Timeless, however, does not imply static. Languid Sunday afternoons give way to frantic weekend activity. Yesterday’s barnyard turn into today’s three-bedroom brick home and another moment is gone, unless of course a camera records it.




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