Adam Smith's Home: Press Coverage

 On the Design Plans

"Glass box to shed light on Smith's legacy" (Scotsman, August 27, 2009)

 On the Sale of the House

"Leaders defend move to sell Smith house to lowest bidder" (Edinburgh Evening News, May 16, 2008)

"Adam Smith’s home" (The Herald, May 15, 2008) - letter by Alex Orr

"Smith home bid welcome" (The Scotsman, May 15 2008)  - letter by Alex Orr

"City attacked over historic home sale" (Edinburgh Evening News, May 15, 2008)

"University bids for Smith's home" (BBC News, 14 May 2008)

"Dawe urges caution over Smith house" (Edinburgh Evening News, 12 May 2008)

"Adam Smith's house 'saved for the nation'" (Edinburgh Evening News, 09 May 2008)

"A free market dilemma for council: now what would Smith have done?" (Scotsman, April 24, 2008)

"Wealth of Smith's legacy" (Scotsman, 9 April 2008) - letter by Paul Scott

"University launches bid for economics centre at home of Smith" (Edinburgh Evening News, 05 April 2008)

"Ray of hope in fight to save Adam Smith house for nation" (Scotsman, 05 April 2008)

"Top economists call on city chiefs to save Adam Smith's house" (Edinburgh Evening News, 04 April 2008)

"The Westminster Hour" (Broadcast on BBC Radio 4, March 30, 2008 22:44) - listen to the last 16 minutes

"Adam Smith's house goes to auction" (The Journal, March 26, 2008)

"Seize the chance to celebrate an Enlightenment giant" (Scotsman, March 21, 2008) - letter by David Black

"Fight to keep author's home" (Edinburgh Evening News, March 18, 2008)

"Fears for the future of Adam Smith's house" (Scotsman, March 18, 2008) - our letter

"La casa del creador de la economía moderna, víctima de la especulación" (El Pais, March 16, 2008)

"Monumental Profits" (Economist, March 15, 2008)

"Spreading Enlightenment" (Scotsman, March 13, 2008) - letter by Alan Peacock

"Adam Smith's former home goes on market" (Edinburgh Evening News, 12 March 2008)

"Adam Smith home left to market forces" (Scotsman, 12 March 2008)

 "Would suit entrepreneur" (Scotsman, 12 March 2008)

Other items of interest

"Lack of recognition" (The Scotsman, 19 January 2002)

"Time to honour our forgotten son" (Scotsman, 08 August 2004)

"Common good a concern for us all" (Scotsman, 20 December 2007)

"Sale of council properties set to raise £1.7m" (Edinburgh Evening News, 16 January 2008)

"Capital's Adam Smith statue to be unveiled in July" (Edinburgh Evening News, 25 March, 2008)

"Mixed-up view of Adam Smith" (Edinburgh Evening News, 02 April 2008) - letter by Alex Orr (the very end of the page)