Panmure House Project
a.k.a. Adam Smith's Home Project

Hello and Welcome to the Panmure House Project.

Adam Smith, the famous moral philosopher and political economist, occupied Panmure House in Edinburgh from 1778 till his death in 1790, and was buried in the nearby Canongate Churchyard.

The objective of the Panmure House Project is to coordinate efforts to bring in a history, policy, research, or education-conscious public or private entity into Panmure House. It was set up by a number of economists living in Edinburgh, and expanded to include a wider set of concerned individuals.

Panmure House was acquired by the Edinburgh Business School (the Graduate School of Business at Heriot-Watt University) in 2008 (see details here). The renovation and restoration of the building is handled by EK:JN architects and the plans were first publicly exhibited in July 2009 (see the details here). We find these plans to be bold but practical (please see our views here). These plans are currently awaiting the approval from the Edinburgh City Council, and one can leave comments here

The Panmure House Project has no relationship neither to the Edinburgh Busines School nor to EK:JN architects, but we will be very happy to hear what do you think about it. So please do not be shy and send us an email with your comments :) 

More information about the House can be found here. Please also see the press coverage and the blogs about the House.

If you would like to get in touch, please email PanmureHouseProject AT googlemail DOT com.

Thank you for your support of the Panmure House Project.