Educated people bring betterment for the society and play pivotal role in uplifting it.  Thus the role of education in human role life should be always prioritized. Upcoming younger generation is very keen to receive education but the difficulties and requirements of life often force kids and children to adopt professions. Mr Vinay Mishra is the director of Pankaj Jha MBS, (Pankaj Jha Mishra BAL vikas samiti); a NGO that is operationally active in the Sitamarhi area and is constantly working for betterment of unprivileged children.

There is no doubt that government and human welfare department of India is working hard to eradicate poverty in rural India but there are several hurdles in the way. It has initiated with several programs to alleviate this problem and promoting education is amongst the chief measures. Illiteracy and poverty has deep roots that often limit the growth of Indian society. People have to find ways to deal with this menace. Mr Vinay Mishra further stated that the condition of some Indian states such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is appalling as far as poverty is concerned. Young children are forced to quit their studies at an early stage and have to sometimes reluctantly work somewhere.

The basic reason of working towards education reforms is to create a strong platform or founding stone for the children. Pankaj Jha MBS is truly determined towards its responsibilities and is trying level best to accomplish the goals. Most of the children receiving education at this NGO operated school come from humble background. We have arranged for their food, study material and other associated facilities because the local community is very supportive said Mr Vinay Mishra.