Pan Newsreader for Windows

Win32 Pan Installer by Steve Davies

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Pan Newsreader for Win32 - Installer Build

This page contains a (hopefully recent, but unofficial) build of the Pan NNTP Newsreader (see packaged in a simple windows installer. The installer includes the main executable, a handful of libraries, including the spellchecker .dll files, and the localisation/language files and puts a shortcut on the desktop.


GTK+ runtime libraries must be installed already for Pan to work at the time of publishing, these could be downloaded here:

The latest report is that "gtk2-runtime-2.24.8-2011-12-03.exe" works reliably if the compatibility libs option is chosen during install. GTK Themes also seem to be working fine, and can be downloaded from the same site.

Dictionary support for "ispell" and "myspell" dictionaries is built-in using 'gtkspell' and 'enchant' for the best possible compatibility. Two sample dictionaries have been packaged (US and UK English) as examples.

Latest installers:

Version 0.140 has arrived - See the main Pan website at for full details and change logs.

IMPORTANT: If you have an old copy of pan installed (using a .exe installer) please UN-INSTALL it prior to using one of the MSI installers.

UPDATE January 2017 (0.141)

March 2016 (0.140)

OLDER BUILDS (Seem okay):

NOTE: For brand-new installs, there are some odd default background colours - The pan source code looks fine, so I am not sure how it is happening, but new users may need to go to "Edit / Preferences / Colours" and set the 3 BG colours that are dark blue back to being white.

    All installers are now available from Google Docs here.

    Release Notes:

    Release notes are on the website.

    Other Notes:

    Dictionaries for many languages can be downloaded here:

    Comments and requests to: me or to the Pan mailing list.