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2007 Pangender Gathering Call


Frequently Questioned Answers

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Q. Where will the gathering take place?

Our original vision was to hold it at Breitenbush Hot Springs. But when we started working with them on scheduling, we discovered that there is no open weekend in 2007 that can accommodate a group larger than 15 people—let alone closing the camp for a group of 100, as we had originally envisioned. 

(It may still be an option to schedule a midweek Breitenbush gathering of around 50 people. But even that is proving tricky to schedule.)

Instead of viewing this news as a setback, we're receiving it as an invitation from God/dess to expand our vision. What about a rural location, like a Scout camp or a retreat center? Or an urban gathering here in Portland? 

We are opening our minds to all possibilities. And we invite you to vision and scheme with us.

Q. What are the dates for the gathering?

We're seeing it sometime around the Autumnal Equinox (September 23), but that is also part of the visioning process. Stay tuned!

Q. Do I have to be pangendered?

When we say “pangender,” we mean the gathering itself rather than any individual in it.

By “pan-” we mean “all” (plus Pan is the goat-legged god of ecstasy, much beloved by Faeries). By “gender,” we mean a combination of the concepts of sex (physical form), gender (culturally mediated personal expression), and sexual orientation (affectional and sexual preference).

So in other words, “pangender” means “all sexes, genders, and orientations.”

That means whatever flavor(s) you come in—Original, Hot n Spicy, Honey Mustard, or Extra Crispy—you are welcome at this gathering.

Q. Do I have to be a Radical Faerie?

This gathering is for those who honor the culture and traditions of the Radical Faeries, and who want to explore and celebrate the diversity of our community.

We leave it to each individual to decide whether they identify as a Radical Faerie, a Faerie, or a friend of the Fae.

Since its inception in the 1970s as a spiritual movement by and for gay men, Radical Faerie culture has expanded to attract other kinds of people. At times, this shift has occasioned painful conflict between those who value and want to preserve gay men's space, and those who want to explore a more diverse vision.

Our intention to bring into harmony these two apparently opposing points of view. With a bow of deep respect to men's circles and gatherings, we seek to "bake more pies"*—to manifest abundance by creating more opportunities to experience love, healing, and magic.

* A phrase originally used by Scooterpie, past president of Nomenus.

Q. Why not have the gathering at Wolf Creek?

With much love to Wolf Creek and the Pangender Gatherings that already happen there at Beltane and Samhain, we're feeling called to find a different container for our gathering.

Q. I think this gathering is a fabulous idea!
How can I help make it happen?

Darling, we thought you’d never ask.

  • Talk to your friends, and raise awareness about the gathering.
  • Support the fun-raisers (calendars make great New Year’s gifts!)
  • Come to our Portland-based planning party.
  • Hold a fun-raiser in your town.
  • Pray and do magic for our intention.
  • And most importantly: register early! Stay tuned for information.

E-mail us at pangender [dot] gathering [at] gmail [dot] com with ideas or questions.