For fourteen years the fishing village turned tourist town of San Juan del Sur has been celebrating its artisanal fishing tradition through the annual Panga Fishing Tournament.  On this day locals and foreigners alike compete for trophies and prizes in 6 categories.  The tournament has grown to be a local tradition and tourist event drawing over 50 pangas competing and hundreds of people enjoying the competition.  The proceeds of the event go toward a community project.  In the past we have been able to donate to the main park renovation, the health clinic, various schools and the local police.

Sponsor a Panga! Team (your name here)

Some of the local panga fishermen who participate in the tournament have a hard time raising money to pay the entrance fee, gas and other expenses the event requires.  The organizing committee of the tournament ties to help by matching pangas with sponsors.  In the past both business and individuals have sponsored pangas giving entrance fees, t-shirts and often gas money also.  

The entrance fee is only C$570 ($20) and with this you will get two t-shirts, open rum bar for 2 persons, and your own fishing team to root for.  We will match you up with a specific panga and keep you posted as to their progress.  You can join them in celebrating their victory (bring your own champagne) take photos and have a great time with the guys that work hard at bringing you fresh fish.

Registration:  You can register your panga at Carniceria La Portena (Pedro) in the market or Arrecife Tours at the Port area.  
You must register your panga by October 27, 2016.  

Join us for a week-long party celebrating the fisherman of San Juan del Sur culminating in the Fifteenth Annual Panga Fishing Tournament.

NOTE: Captains Meeting October 27, 2016 at 6pm in Hotel Gran Oceano

Boat Dock - Flor de Cana Rancho and tents

Launch and Weigh in:
Launch - Komatsu Fishing Terminal 6am
Weigh in - Komastu Fishing Terminal 3pm

6am - 3pm for competiton
3-5 weigh in
5-6 Tophy and prize presentation
7 till... After Party at ???
Crazy Crab after party.