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A: Portrait Kites

Tony H,

 These are some samples of the Portrait Kites I have been building.  I can create a custom kite like these from your photo based on 4 layers of fabric for 5-6 levels from white to black.  The kites are ripstop nylon with a fiberglass frame and are about 23" by 32". They fly without a tail in gentle wind. 
 Blondie, my first portrait kite, 2009, of my lovely wife, Petra. 
  Marie, a portrait kite of my mother as she looked around 1940.  Completed Spring, 2010



 Pogo, a kite made for my sister of her Airedale Terrier, 2009 
  Margaret, made for a friend in October, 2010

 You may fly these kites linked in a train, here Marie and Blondie fly together