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Pandora people, now you can share your Pandora stations online. It's as easy as baking a cake. Well it's actually easier than baking a cake.

Even the folks at Pandora will say that they've not really optimized their player for the social folksonomy thing. Fortunately, with very little effort, you can get your stations out there on the internets.

Introducing the Pandoralicious Grazr. A mashup of Pandora,, and the new Grazr feed aggregator.

Here's how it works.

The Grazr goes out to to find any links tagged as "pandorastations". It also looks for feeds with the additional tag based on genre.

How do I add my stations to the Grazr?

Tag the URL for your Pandora music station in with the "pandorastations" (no quotes). Add additional tags describing genre, artist, city, music scene or whatever.

How do I find the URL for my station?

I think the easiest way it to email the station to yourself using the "share with friend" option in the player.

Please explain how it works in more detail.

I thought you would never ask. I uploaded an OPML file to OPML Manager that contains parameters for the feeds you currently see in the Pandoralicious Grazr. If you tagged your station with "pandorastations" it will show up in the All Stations list feed, adding extra tags for genre will cause it to also show up in the corresponding feeds.

Why doesn't my station show up on anything except the all stations list?

My OPML file only looks for certain feeds, but I would be open to adding more, or even creating another Grazr based on something like genes or cities or whatever.

Can't I just use to find these stations?

Yes. Look for anything tagged as "pandorastations".

Isn't a chance someone is going to mess this up by tagging other stuff with the term "pandorastations"?


Aren't you the same guy who created the Pandora Stations Crispy News page?


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