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Elementary Music
We're so excited for you to come and see our "Barnyard Moosical"! We'll have everything--dancing cows, funky chickens, squeaky-clean pigs, and goats who make gourmet pizza.
Join us on April 28 to come inside and see our Barnyard!
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Middle School General Music
5th Grade:
We have some wonderful songwriters in 5th grade! Their folksong projects were a hit.
Students also put their creative minds to work as we learned about 4 famous composers (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Handel) and did a group poster project.
Next Up:
Songs of Our States (4/18-22/11)
Musicals and Opera (4/25/11 through 5/13/11) 
6th Grade:
We are sweeping through 100 years of Music in class. Students have been able to sample ragtime, blues, jazz, and bebop music so far as we've gone through the 1940's. We've even learned how to swing dance and do the "Charleston"!
Students have also sampled some of the "new" finds of the early decades--Coca Cola, Jell-O, and Hershey's Chocolate!
Coming Up:
100 Years... Part II:
Rock 'n' Roll (1950's and beyond)
Middle School!
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Grades 5-12
5-6 Grade Choir:
 We have some wonderful musicians in the 5-6 grade choir!
Though we only meet once a week, they work very hard and are so fun to work with!
We recently had almost 20 students audition for a small-group vocal part in one of our songs. The following seven students were chosen:
Presley Hovest, Paiten Dulaney, Erin Goedde, Lilly Parker, Alexa Schulte, Keri Burkhart, and Courtney Benroth.
Way to Go!!
Next Up...
Spring Awards Concert:
Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 pm
7-8 Grade Choir:
What a successful day at JH Solo & Ensemble events! Out of 10 events we came away with eight "Superior" ratings, one "Excellent" rating, and one "Festival" rating. The students will receive their medals at the Spring Choral Awards concert.
Next Up...
Spring Awards Concert:
Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 pm 
HS Choir:
Dr. Stephen Hodge, from University of Toledo, will be joining the HS Choir on Thursday morning, April 28, for a professional clinic.
HS students will be with Dr. Hodge from 8:00-11:00 am for an interactive way to prepare for our Spring Awards Concert.
Our Cabaret performances went very well-- Pandora Gilboa has such musically talented students! Congratulations on a job well done.
Look for an encore performance of "River in Judea" and "Singin' In the Rain" at our Spring Awards Concert.
Next Up...
Clinic with Dr. Hodge on April 28 (8:00-11:00 am)
Spring Awards Concert, Tuesday, May 17, 7:30 pm 
Select Ensemble:
Our first year of Select Ensemble has been very successful so far!
Our eight members will perform at Cabaret and the Spring Awards Concert
**Keep a watch out for Audition information in May! Anyone enrolled in HS Choir can audition!**
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