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"Before very long in Calcutta, an enthralling voice has awakened the courtyards of the ancient palaces, heritage buildings and chapels with a subtle sense of unassailable melody. The maestro is none other thanb Pt. Shyam Sundar Goswami, who aiming the excellence of performing Art has achieved the zenith of success, therefore exposing a divine tableaux of truthful music against the malaise of specious cacophony, amplified by the dilettantes of the present times.

His magical voice not only casts a hypnotic spell on the minds of the listeners but supplies them unintermittently  with a never failing perception of aesthetic pleasure owing to which he may be termed as a transcendentalists-a reformer of music in mystical realm. Not withstanding  the abundance of modernity in the setting trends in music, Pt. Shyam Sundar Goswami is an exception bringing back the quintessence of Indian Classical Music to the cul-de-sac life of present era. His is restoration music breaking the trends of pseudo trance, therefore, throwing the unerring light of perpetual glory on the self-coined genre of Classical Music.

 In music Pandit Shyamsundar Goswami traces a Utopian spirituality which under the veneer of seemingly artistic temperament reveals his mastery of this most intricate art form influenced by the ecstatic reverberation of philosophical reflections on Music:

 "Music is the soul of my life."

 Panditji's worldwide reputation as an awe inspiring performer is bestowed with another rare gift - his virility to spread his music as a devoted and loving guru.

Pandit S. S. Goswami   specialized in Kheyal of Hindusthani Classical and got a Master's Degree in Classical Music from Rabindra Bharati University,  he shows equal brillance in « thumris » and «  bhajans ». he emerges now as a talented, sincere and eminently enjoyable singer . He currently teaches classical music at the prestigious Calcutta School of Music and gives concerts in India and abroad.Many Pandits and Ustads have accompanied him.Each time it was « house full » of people from everywhere to experience music for the soul , music for peace.

This is the magic of the Old Houses of  the world allied to the magic of Panditji who bears our heart aloft, far far away into an other world………

He is unique in his way of interpreting the ragas, unique in his devotion and dedication to the Almigthy through his music. « a jewel » as the late artist Prabhas Sen of Santiniketan used to say........

The first CD album « Peace and Harmony » of Shyam S. Goswami was released by the eminent artist Shanu Lahiri at Music World in Park Street on the 24 April 2006.

Recently , Pandit Shyamsundar Goswami worked at La  Cite Internationale Das Arts in Paris with a scholarship getting from France Government. His research work based on songs of the MiDDLE Age "GEET GOVINDA"  was with  many  musicians ( Flutist , Cellists, Saxophonists, Violinists  and Others ) coming from all over world.                        .

Email - panditshyamsundargoswami@gmail.com