Life Management

To enable the participants to manage their own lives and that of the community around them, the following modules are proposed. The general aim of these workshops is to enable students to cope with the existential anxieties and vagaries of life and to provide them with a sense of purpose and commitment. Basically we see life as a process of celebration. The workshop will be less theoretical and more experiential and example based.

The Goal

  • To help the participants discover meaning and values in their own lifes
  • To help them set priorities in their life
  • To make the participants acquire skills of dealing with others and cope with crisis situation.
  • To enable them to deal with conflict management efficiently
  • To realize the uniqueness and potentials of each student
  • To make them committed to larger causes (social and communitarian concerns)

The Modules

Module 1: Dealing With Friends (Cultivating Relationships, Peer Pressure, Principles, Authority, Authenticity)

Module 2: Personality Development (Assertiveness, Anger Management, Dealing with Crisis)

Module 3: Life Management I (Meaning, Motivation, Purpose, Suffering)

Module 4: Time Management (Using time efficiently, effectively and productively)

Module 5: Managing Life (Finance, Friendship, Values, Success)

Module 6: Enneagram

Module 7: Neuro Linguistic Program

Module 8: Life Management II (Success, Angst, Happiness, Love, Freedom, Death):

Module 9: Emotional Intelligence/Quotient

Module 10: Critical Reasoning

Module 11: Happiness And fulfillment (Goals of life – purusharthas – Maslow’s self-actualization, Victor Frankl' meaning)

Module 12:The Big Story (the story of human life and individual life within the larger cosmic history)

Module 13: Spiritual Quotient (Attempt at formulating a meaningful spirituality for our times, examples)

Module 14: Conflict Resolution (Personal, interpersonal and communitarian)

Module 15: The Story of Life (History and Story: Life from larger perspective, one's own individual role and uniqueness)

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