The Team

Project Leader / Developer
Zaid Qureshi
I have been a Google fanatic for a LONG time. I always want to have the latest piece of technology but the price is catching up to me and the rest of the public now. This trend has resulted in the creation of this project. I have experience developing for Android and am the common ground between all the people working on this project.

Damon Devitt
I am a dedicated Android developer who will bring you the latest builds and kernels for the Pandacomb project. Although I know things, I will also rely on the development community, which I will also bring to this team. I will try my best to put forth all my abilities in this project.

Kelvin Ji
I have experience developing drivers for the OMAP platform and will provide my experience and abilities in the advancement of Pandacomb.

Writer / Reporter
Devika Alyssa Dyal

I am a writer that specializes in communication and networking. As such I also excel in applying writing to various topics in order to make those topics understandable to the reader. This means that while I am efficient at using my writing to convey ideas, thoughts, and various other entities, I also am proficient in grammar and spelling. For the purposes of this project I am the person who writes and presents a majority of the information that this site provides.