A word from the founder Rev. Sudo Rmrf:

Welcome to the Church of Pancomputationalism!
Disclaimer: Do not believe anything that you see here!
That is right! As the founder and sole minister of the Church of Pancomputationalism,
by no means do I want you to believe any of the teachings or ideas presented here. Instead, I want you to test them so that you can know them to be true! While belief is
an essential part of most theologies, the Church of Pancomputationalism disdains belief. The dogma of belief is a cheap way for weaker ideas and theologies to survive the scrutiny of logic and reason. Pancomputationalists have no time for belief, we are much to busy proving our points. Your mind is, so far as we know, the most sophisticated piece of computing machinery wrought forth from the algorithms of the cosmos. So, use it!