The Book

Why use this book in the classroom?

This is one of a handful of children's books that tackles the perils and dangers of immigration.  The story provides a very accessible way for students to think about, talk about, and make sense of the realities of undocumented immigrants.  As teachers we know that we often have undocumented students pass through our classrooms, but few stories reflect their or their families' experience.  Using this book in the classroom validates the journeys of some of our students and allows for thoughtful reflection from those who have not had a border-crossing experience.

Where can you get the book?

Many public libraries have this book.  And, of course, you could buy it off Amazon.

If you teach in Austin, Texas, the book is currently available in 38 AISD libraries and can be requested through ILL (Interlibrary loan).  Have your school librarian request the book from another AISD school.  

Here is the listing from the online catalog.

Read more about the book.

Author Duncan Tonatiuh has an excellent write up on his blog in which he summarizes the book and gives some modern context. 

Duncan and I were interviewed for this Public Radio International blog entry by Shefali Kulkarni.

A librarian provides a reading level, Common Core standard connections, and a few ideas on how to incorporate the book into language arts and other subject areas.

This review provides some of the author's perspective.

Here's the video my fourth graders made to in response to the book.