Yountville's Last Saloon

Welcome To Pancha's

Named after our grandmother (nickname for Francis) we're a family owned and operated business for the past 30 years. We've been voted # 1 or #2 "Best Dive Bar In Northern California" depending on the publication for the last 10 years. If your looking for a saloon in Napa County, from the city of Napa to the town of Calistoga, we're the only one left. Being in the heart of the Wine country you can rub shoulders on any given night with wine makers. chefs, Actors/Actresses, writers, sports legends all chatting and laughing with vineyard workers, restaurant servers and dish washers. Despite all the glamour and fanfare this little valley retains everyone is the same when you walk through our doors. You'd better bring cash, regardless of the color, we do not accept those little plastic cards.

Typical Saturday in August at Pancha's