July 9, 2014

       AATSP  Full Day  Workshop

American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese
 2014 Annual Conference
Panama City, Panama

Sponsored by 
           University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies


Exploring the Crossroads of the Americas: Real-World Connections in an Expanded Curriculum

This workshop targets instructors of all levels looking to connect student learning to real world language needs by expanding their teaching content into Spanish for business/leadership (known as Spanish for Specific Purposes)  at the course or lesson level.  The workshop will include a country briefing at the American Chamber of Commerce of Panama and a site visit to DELL Panama.  Prior to the workshop, participants will receive materials through a WIKI to begin thinking about big picture questions tied to the global economy and desirable workplace skills.

Pre-Workshop Survey Link:    https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AATSP

The survey will be used to help meet your needs and improve future workshops.


Mary Risner, University of Florida

Sheri Spaine Long, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Participants:     (Please add your Twitter handle and/or professional webpage.)

 Ivette Acosta HIgh School  
 Jorge Allen Andover Public Schools @drallen23 
 Aaron Arizmendi Shanghai American School  
 Ignacio Cariaga Kaiser High School  
 Betzabeth De La Luz Caballero Shanghai American School  
 Chery Fuentes-Wagner Kempner High School  
 Genee Hansen University High School  
 Megan Hermanson The Principia  
 Darcy Johnson Westwood High School  
 Roberta Lavine University of Maryland  
 Maria Luque DePauw University  
 Linda Markley Tina Maletina Educational Inspirations @tinamaletina 
 Marguerite Solari Oakton Community College  
 Danielle Velardi Christopher Newport University  
 Sheri Spaine Long  @spainelong 
 Mary Risner  @langforcareerswww.globalelearning.org  


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