The Journey of a Song:

Performance, Composition and Improvisation

Performance by Pam Szalay from the CD "Rhythms of Life" (2001)

The two tracks below provide a musical frame of reference for Pam's article, "Cognition vs. Creativity: A Musical Example". Track 4 consists of a performance by Pam Szalay of Bach's Prelude in C major for the piano. Although Bach's piece is rendered faithfully at first,  it then becomes a motif for further elaboration. However, the original themes are always easily heard amid the orhcestrations. A free-form improvisation begins in track 5 based on the first two chords of the Prelude. This portion of the song demonstrates how an artist  can use either deliberate tools to transform a musical motif, or release herself to "flow". In either case, a single idea/theme can metamorphasize into many forms.

Trk 04 Daybreak (after Bach's Prelude in C).mp3

Trk 05 Daybreak improvisation.mp3

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