Pamplin Grove 2018

Pamplin Grove Campout 2018 flyer

Garden of the Heart's 30th annual
Labor Day Sufi Campout

on the Van Duzen River at Pamplin Grove
in Humboldt County

Welcome! Our 2018 Humboldt Sufi Campout will be held once again at Pamplin Grove,
a primitive* campground in the midst of old-growth redwoods on the banks of the
Van Duzen River. We look forward to creating our camp community with old and new
friends — there will be plenty of opportunities for shared activities, and lots of free time
as well. Campers are welcome to rest and recharge in this peace-filled environment.
Children will be provided with a wonderful program of their own.


Spiritual Director: Kerima Furniss

Camp Managers: Sherdil & Rahima Wolff



* NotePrimitive means no electricity, showers, or flush toilets. 

To download the flyer and registration form for the 2018 Humboldt 

Labor Day Weekend Sufi Campout at Pamplin Grove, see links below.

Remember to register early! 
Not only is camping space limited but you’ll get to pay the early-bird rate!
Registration is
only by postal or hand delivery of your completed registration forms and camp fee payment.
There is no registration via email or phone.

Some financial assistance is available for those in need. All requests need to be received by August 10.

The Garden of the Heart Community welcomes all people. 
We strive to make this a safe and welcoming spot to “live welcoming to all.” 

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May 27, 2018, 5:05 PM
Jelehla Ziemba,
May 27, 2018, 5:05 PM
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