Discount Cards are here!

Bring your order forms to the clubhouse on Saturday Oct.17th and get your discount cards.






Discount Card orders Neeed to be turned in this weekend Oct. 17th! Please bring them to the concession stand or give them to your coach. You should be able to pick up the cards on the 17th

If you have any questions call Jerri at 669-7845


Please do not bring pets to the field during games or practice.

Nobody wants to play in poop!


If the red flag is flying practice and/or games have been cancelled.
Only 2 practices per team will be allowed on the fields this season.  Call Ivan (662-7881) if you need to schedule a practice.
There will be no practices or games on Fridays as this is the day the fields are being prepared for the weekend. 
Rules and other stuff will be posted soon!