My Legal Name:Pamela J. Parr of Fredericton, NB, Canada. Since last year 2011, I was contacted and told about faked profiles of me by Emporguy: 


ptember 4, 2011, It is Username: Emporguy of Fredericton, NB, of Plenty of Fish, who told me about faked SexOnly(NOT Pamela J. Parr of Fredericton, NB) and lesbian(StraightOnly: Pamela J. Parr; always been straight) and prostitution(NOT/NEVER Pamela J. Parr of Fredericton, NB, Canada) profiles that had been posted by other people on to the Internet, some under username: Kitty_Action(is NOT Pamela J. Parr of Fredericton, NB, Canada) and the profiles were posted to a website called nostrings(is NOT Pamela J. Parr) and on to a website called Adult Friend Finder(is NOT Pamel J. Parr). Some of these people who posted these faked profiles of me reside here in Fredericton, NB. See the rest of my website pages here about this and my diigo, my Google blog, and my Google Plus links to the left of this page. I have never been a member of these following websites: nostrings(is NOT Pamela J. Parr), Adult Friend Finder(is NOT Pamela J. Parr) nor one of the most recent, April 2012, websites that my LegalName: Pamela J Parr was actually illegally used to associate me with at these two links:  http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1wuxt/eqa4 and,  http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1wuxt/4iv6, they even copied and pasted context from my Google Plus posts into (appearing underneath of) these links!!!

NO ONE(no actual real person) would ever make their real/legal or an associated biological, or adoptive name(s) of their self publicly visible in a Google search of such websites, as we all know!!! In fact, whether profile members of such websites, or those who visit them, NO ONE ever discloses their legal or associated biological or adoptive names on such websites!!! 

By the way, other than this Emporguy who alerted me of the first faked profiles, those of you who thought that it was I whom you were communicating with via such websites or via cell phone (my old cell was hacked quite a few months ago) it was them, the creators of the faked profiles whom you were communicating with, NOT I, meaning that they purposely played and used YOU. Who do you suppose that they have disclosed your private information to including your name, e-mail address, street address, cell number, etcetera, you actually gave your information to them not to me!!! If you did also give your e-mail address to these people, perhaps they are also spoofing and spamming your e-mail like they did to one of my e-mails. They spammed my Google Gmail so much that I can no longer load it. They can get more personal information of yours by spoofing and spamming your e-mails such as your birth date, etcetera. This knowledge is guaranteed to make a few people very angry!!! These people do not care what I think, but they will certainly care about what you think!!! What are they doing with your private information, look what they did with mine!!! Do you want to know who they all are, you will soon find out in a very public way. I know who they are and so do others whom I know. There is one clue right on this web page. Pamela J. Parr of Fredericton, NB, Canada.

UPDATE: It is 7: 49 p.m., on April 20, 2012, I just did a Google search minutes ago of this website that my LegalName:Pamela J. Parr is being illegally associated with(identity fraud against me) and this is the Google typed context search used: "what is exchangeplus1" and it has many domain names and as my attached diigo account screenshot at this link: 


 will prove to you, this website has been "removed for violations" before. These websites also use your name, and context from your websites such as Google Plus and the word "NEWS". They are also using "TAGS" of your name and real website information and Google Plus + (Ones) and placing your information on to their websites!!! You can see from my diigo screenshot that there are RED WARNING ALERT CIRCLES to the right of these spammer's websites in Google search. The red circles are actually WOT(aka. Web of Trust) red alert warnings so DO NOT CLICK on these links because you will see 4 more WOT RED ALERT WARNINGS that all of these websites using "exchangeplus1" and "exchange NEWS" are SPAMMERS. Here's my related diigo link: 

http://www.diigo.com/item/image/1wuxt/6miy. These spammers are using my LegalName: Pamela J Parr and my real websites information to not only commit identity fraud on me which they have done, they will also use your real/legal name to make it look like you are the one spamming(NOT Pamela J. Parr of Fredericton, NB, Canada) other people.


I created my Google website October 2011. As of October 6, 2011, I also have a Google Profile on Google+ (also called Google Plus, Google's social networking site) and a Google BlogSpot, my computer service and repair site. 

My name is Pamela J. Parr, and I am 50 years old as of 2012. The picture that I've posted of myself was taken May 2011. 

I live in the beautiful city of Fredericton, NB, Canada. Parr became my surname after I was adopted at the age of  six. My biological mother is of British decent and my father's  surname was MacKie (Scottish) and this is why I'm fair with black hair and blue eyes. I think that people of all ethnicities should be proud of their ancestry. Below are my MacKie Scottish Clan's Coat of Arms, crest and tartan: 


                MacKie Tartan

My philosophy is to enjoy the good in life and to use the bad to do something good!  In other words, turn the negative into something positive. Regarding your treatment of other people, YOU make the choice to harm them, help them, or to do nothing for them. As long as I have the resources to do so, I choose to help others in any way possible. By resources, I'm not referring just to monetary, but also to sharing your knowledge (helpful information) and skills, or donate your time to individuals or to a worthy cause.

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