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Every Sunday beginning January 7th 2018 we will resume our regular meditations:

10:00 AM Beginner Meditation - general instruction on shamatha (calm abiding)

11:30 AM Intermediate Meditation - instructions on Vipashyana (clear seeing) follow the "Wheel of Analysis" by Mipham Rinpoche

Beginning January 7th we will host a tsog every Sunday. The schedule is as follows, all are welcome:

01/07 - Hundred Deities
01/14 - Yumka
01/21 - Lha Drub Thigle Gyachen
01/28 - Rigdzing Dupa
02/04 - Hundred Deities
02/11 - Yumka
02/18 - Rigdzing Dupa
02/25 - Lha Drub Thigle Gyachen

All events will be held at
316 Commerce Street Alexandria VA 22314

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