My current research focuses on the use of force, international justice and international legal theory, including international law topics that have systemic implications.


I am finishing a long project on transitional justice on the ground, where I describe the mutual impact between international criminal justice principles and the conflict in Northern Uganda from a legal, political and social perspective. Apart from the human interest in this issue, I am also interested in the interplay (or intersection) between international and local beliefs, processes and forces.


My next project is about non-state actors and the use of force. I will look into whether the state-centred regime on the use of force is eroding and whether it is feasible to think of an international legal system in which states are not the only ones with the license to use military force. This project harkens back to my PhD project, which was a conceptual history of neutrality.


Before taking up (or rather returning to) an academic career in 2010, I was employed as a legal advisor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for fourteen years.


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