Manager's Message

History of P.A.L.S. and how we operate
A letter from our Manager

P.A.L.S. began in 1979 and became a non-profit organization in 1980. Some individuals who were concerned for stray and abandoned felines were trying to help find a solution for all of the homeless cats. shelter was donated in 2000. It is located on a donated piece of land and is owned by no person or group of people. P.A.L.S. is run by a board of directors. In the past, we used volunteers instead of paid staff. However, this did not work out. Therefore, P.A.L.S. now has paid staff and volunteers to take care of the many cats that live here. This insures that the cats will get taken care of each and every day. P.A.L.S. is not affiliated with any towns or with the state. Therefore, we receive no funds from them. We ONLY operate on donations and fund raisers. That is why we struggle from week to week to cover operating costs. One would think that because we have been around for so long that we have a large number of supporters. That simply is not the case. We realize that there are many people who do not even realize that we exist. We are trying very hard to increase our number of supporters. I have heard people say that they wouldn't want to donate if the funds went toward trash bags or CMP bills and such and not directly to the cats. Well, it all goes to help the cats. How do we scoop their litter pans with no trash bags? How do we do our work with no electricity? How do the cats stay warm with no electricity? The cost of running the shelter (postage, cat food, litter, trash bags, paper plates, mop heads, paper towels, laundry soap, vet care, Frontline, worming medications, ear treatment, vaccinations, yearly vaccinations for over 100 cats, envelopes, telephone bills, payroll, payroll tax, trash removal, workers comp. insurance, building insurance, CMP, snow removal, lawn mowing, repairs, etc.) is very high. We need all of these things in order for the shelter to run. We need the people surrendering their cats to take on some of the financial responsibility. They do get the satisfaction of knowing that we do not put them to sleep - isn't that worth something? We also hear that the cost of adopting a cat is high. However, we charge $90.00 for cats who have been fixed, tested for FIV and leukemia and vaccinated. A spay alone costs about $65.00 and the FIV/leukemia test costs $47.00 not considering the vaccinations and the care that they have received. Believe me, these cats deserve a home and are well worth the adoption fee. We need everyone's help in supporting this no-kill cause. We definitely cannot do it without your help. We get numerous calls daily from people wanting us to take their cats and the need is so great that we cannot possibly help them all (although we would like to). The more help we get, the more we can help others. Please consider becoming a friend of P.A.L.S. The kitties need you!