The Palo Verde Residents Council (PVRC) is an elected body of five PV residents, which acts as a liaison between residents and PV housing.  We hold regular community meetings at which residents may share their thoughts on Palo Verde with the council.  We voice residents' concerns and suggestions for improving quality of life to housing.  In addition, we represent Palo Verde, advocating residents' interests in other political bodies on campus.  Also, we organize and sponsor social events intended to bring the community together and give residents the opportunity to meet their neighbors.  You may contact the council by emailing

>> Contact us at

Our main source of displaying information takes place on our Facebook page: Facebook Group

Other important contacts

Housing Assistants: 949-651-3579 (pager)
PV Housing Assistants are fellow UCI Graduate Students who have been trained to assist residents during off-hours (after 5PM on weekdays and weekends).  If there is a problem that needs immediate assistance, feel free to page them and they’ll respond within 15 minutes.

PV Maintenance Requests: (949) 824-8918 (8am-5pm M-F)
(949) 651-3579 for emergency maintenance during off-hours

UCI Campus Police (non-emergency): 949-824-5223
For emergencies, dial 911.

Resident-Generated Events Funding
Any resident interested in applying for funding to host an event can access the instructions and application at these links. After reading the instructions, please download and complete the application below. Email the completed application to

PVRC members only portal.