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The Sierra Club's Palo Verde Group serves Central Arizona and the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.
We promote environmental stewardship while enjoying the great state of Arizona and all its splendors

february palo verde group program:
yolanda bejarano - TPP vs. the environment

thursday, february 19, 2015 | 6:30pm to 8pm

the living space at rollover donuts
10 w vernon (encanto light rail station) across from the heard museum | Phoenix, AZ

Join us in welcoming Yolanda Bejarano of Communication Workers of America to discuss what Robert Reich calls "The worst trade deal you've never heard of." It's been kept a secret for years but word is getting out. The new Republican Congress seems ready to give President Obama fast-track authority, so you know this can't be good!

Google "NAFTA on steroids" and you'll receive about 3,350,000 results pertaining to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). After 20 years of NAFTA it's easy to see this means even more growing inequality, even less job security and a reversal of regulations protecting humans and our environment. 

Find out what's wrong with the TPP, why it's being kept a secret, why congress and the president want fast-track authority, and what we can do about it.

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