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Working papers

2016: "Labor Market Participation, Political Ideology and Distributive Preferences" (with Simona Demel, Abigail Barr and Luis Miller).CEDEX Discussion Paper, 2016-18. R&R.

2017: "On the Economic Nature of Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Selective and Sustainable Fishery: A Comparative Empirical Study" (with Laura Onofri, Paolo Accadia, Maria-Jose’ Gutierrez,  Evelina Sabatella and Francesc Maynou). Under review.

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2014: "An Experimental Analysis of Net and Gross Rebate" (with Enrique Fatas and Joo Young Jeon). In preparation for submission.

Contributions to books

2016: “El voto económico” (with Luis Miller), in F. LLera (Ed.) Las elecciones vascas de 2012. Un análisis diacrónico y multinivel, CIS.