Born in Santa Barbara, California, in 1986, Paloma begins training in various dance forms at the age of four. At nine years of age, starts training with Antoinette Lopez. She then goes on to, participating in Old Spanish Days Fiesta (Santa Barbara, CA.). At age nine, decides to train exclusively in Flamenco Dance, going on to take classes from Maria "La Chacha" Bermudez. In 2002 begins working professionally in various venues such as the Fountain Theatre, Cafe Sevilla (Greater Los Angeles), etc. In 2004, travels to Spain to further studies with dancers such as Antonio "El Pipa", and El Junco. In 2005, she debuts as Choreographer/Musical Interpreter in Robert Boyd's "Arte y Pasion" at Center Stage Theater (Santa Barbara). Also in 2005, receives Roberto Amaral's Scholarship for "Espana Clasica", and tours with the company through Southern California. In April of that same year, wins the coveted title of Spirit of Fiesta, and works as ambassador to the City of Santa Barbara for the world-renowned Old Spanish Days Fiesta. The next year, goes to Spain to live for an extended period of time, studying intensively with master gypsy teachers from Sevilla and Jerez, such as the Farruco Family, Juana Amaya, Manuela Carrasco, and Maria del Mar Moreno, among many others. During her stay, works in tablaos in Sevilla, Spain. Upon returning to the US in 2006, founds the Paloma Rios School of Flamenco, now in its 6th season. Since then, has prepared students to perform in Fiesta (Santa Barbara), and has exposed said students professionally and in contests in the area. In November 2010, presents student show "El Soniquete del Sueno" at Center Stage Theater (Santa Barbara). In October 2011, the Flamenco Documentary "Kumpania" by director Katina Dunn debuted, as an official selection of the Buffalo Int'l. Film Festival, and Paloma was featured on the cover poster. In April 2012 her student Sadee Broida wins the title of Jr. Spirit of Fiesta. Currently, Paloma teaches in Santa Barbara.