Reiki Workshops

Kundalini Reiki, Levels 1-3
This is a course and attunement to Kundalini Reiki, Levels 1-3. You will receive a certificate for this course. It will enable you to practice reiki on your family and friends. This attunement is the first step in the KR system and focuses solely on the root chakra to create a gentle uprising of Kundalini energy. I will take you to Kundalini Reiki, Levels 2 and 3 via distance attunement before you take the next course in this series, Kundalini Reiki, Levels 3-6. This is a two hour course in which you will learn the history and basics of Kundalini Reiki, your Lineage, self-healing, basic hand positions, the auric field and chakras, how to check the health of the chakras using a pendulum, and hands on practice.

Kundalini Reiki, Levels 4-6
This is a course and attunement to Kundalini Reiki, Levels 4-6. You will receive a certificate for this course. This course will light your Kundalini Fire, enable you to use power symbols to enhance your reiki practice, and opens the powerful flow of Kundalini energy in the body. You will be brought to Kundalini Reiki level 4 during class and receive levels 5 and 6 via distance after the course prior to taking the Master Level. This is a two hour course in which you will learn the reiki power symbols, discuss color and sound therapy in conjunction with reiki, learn how to heal the karmic band and learn the technique of distance healing.

Kundalini Reiki Master, Levels 7-9
This is the final course in the Kundalini Reiki method and attunement to Kundalini Reiki Master / Teacher, Level 9. You will receive a Reiki Master / Teacher certificate for this course and a handout to give to your students and to use as a reference. I will bring you straight through attunements 7 and 8 via distance healing before this class, and you will be ready for Master attunement, Level 9 during this class. This is a two hour course in which we will discuss running your own reiki practice, the legalities involved, and you will learn two more secret power symbols for use in practice.  


Complimentary Therapies
During this class you will learn about complimentary therapies to Reiki. These include crystal healing, crystalline reiki, ethereal crystals, gold reiki, sound therapy, atmosphere, color therapy, violet flame, and crystal wands for auric clearing, Bach flower remedies, and aromatherapy. This two hour course is $40.00, and its prerequisite is Kundalini Reiki, Levels 1-3.

The Alchemy of Gold Reiki, Master Level

During this course you will learn about crystal grids, harnessing the power of earth energies to heal the body, and the process of alchemy as it relates to reiki healing. Alchemists are known for transforming earthly elements into gold. Gold is a powerful energy that energizes the processes in the body. Prior to taking this course, you will be attuned to Gold Reiki, Levels 1-2. You will receive your master level attunement during this two hour course and receive a certificate.   


Tachyon Channeling, Master Level
Tachyon energy moves faster than the speed of light. In this course you will learn how to transform any object into a tachyon antenna, including your body. Tachyon, Level I is given in this course. Tachyon distance attunements are given for Levels 2-8, and Tachyon Master level requires a short follow-up visit. This follow up is included in the price for this course. Tachyon is a powerful enhancement to the Kundalini energy and provides speed of healing.

The Energy Body
This class is a great introduction to the body of energy that surrounds us and every living thing. If you've never heard of a chakra, meridian, or aura, this is the place to start. This is an in-depth course in which you will learn about energy, the quantum mechanics of energy, the aura (including colors, viewing, and meanings), the chakra system (including colors, names, and meanings), body meridians (including energy flows and energy blocks), how to expand, contract, ground, and center your own energies and how the energies of others are subtly affected. This is a two hour course. 


Reiki Master Annual Retreat

Reiki Master Annual Retreat is scheduled in the summer. We will stay in a beach house over a Friday evening, Saturday, and then return home on Sunday. Prior to retreat, all attunements will be given via distance so that all will be ready for master level attunements at retreat. Friday evening will offer Kundalini Reiki Master course, attunements and healing circle. Saturday will offer healing circle, Complimentary Therapies, and the Alchemy of Gold Reiki Master course and attunement. Sunday will be an early morning offering Ethereal Crystal and Tachyon Master courses, attunement, and healing circle. Friday night's circle will focus on healing for the planet, Saturday's circle will focus on healing for our friends, family, community, and Sunday's healing circle will focus on healing each other. Stay tuned for more information! 

Reiki for Infants & Pregnant Women

Learn how to send Reiki to your unborn baby and infant child! This calming, healing process will lull your baby to sleep gently, take care of issues like colic, gassiness, over stimulation, sleeplessness, and crying. Sending Reiki to your unborn child will help stimulate nourishment for the developing fetus, blood flow, and will help to ensure delivery of a healthy child. Reiki during labor and delivery can be learned by your partner or yourself and used during the birthing process to reduce cramping, labor pains, transitional problems such as nausea and vomiting, and allow you to have a more comfortable delivery. If you are interested in bringing your partner to this class, please let me know in advance.

Children's Reiki
This course is for children and teens, ages 6 - 17. To observe a child in reiki practice is an amazing thing. Children hold so much energy that they sometimes become overabundant. For children with symptoms such at ADD, Hyperactivity, or Over stimulation, Reiki is a soothing and calming practice. For children and teens who are depressed or who have low energy, Reiki can energize and empower the body. Children will learn how to channel and use the energy both ways in this course; learn the basic hand positions, self-healing, and how to perform reiki on their friends and family.

Reiki for Couples

This course is for couples only. This course will teach you how to subtly recognize changes in the other's energy field, how to ground, center, expand, and contract your energy, and how to transfer your energy to another being. You will learn the basics of Reiki and how to use it in healing your relationship. This is a two hour course.