Around 350 native species of animals, plants and fungi have been recorded on our site. Many more than this are present and we are continually adding new species, often helped by experts who have been visiting the site since October 2000. You can look at our current list of green plants which has been progressively enlarged since the first survey by botanist Mark Robinson. Birds have been listed by Alan Morris on his frequent visits. Many fungi have been recorded by Pam O'Sullivan, of which we have permission to list a small sample here. Nine of our 13 frogs were recorded on one night (10 Jan 2006), with the help of visiting expert Samantha Willis.

Species records have been transferred to webpages for easier access, as other species, fungi excepted, will be.

We have recorded only those species in the domain Eukaryota, following the scheme suggested on the Wiki page The other two domains of life, Archaea and Bacteria, though abundant, are microscopic and beyond our current expertise. 

Within the domain Eukaryota we have recorded species within the three kingdoms: Animalia (the animals), Fungi and Plantae (the green plants).  Examples of  three other kingdoms,  Chromalveolata, Rhizaria and Excavata all contain species likely to occur on our site but are microscopic organisms we have not so far recorded.

Ourimbah Creek Landcare biodiversity

Some of our more obvious biodiversity: (clockwise from top left) hyacinth orchid, fan-tailed cuckoo, native frangipani, dwarf tree frog, terrestrial snail, spiderweb, lillypilly fruit, brush kurrajong, native passionflower. Centre: a tiny marsupial, the brown antechinus.

Have look at these pages for individual species -

Birds: 117 native species currently recorded
Mammals: 15 species
Green Plants: 190 species

For more local bird photos see Laurie Smith's collection at