Groups caring for specific sites in the Hunter-Central Coast region


The Tumbi Wetlands

Merewether Landcare

Hunter Wetlands Centre Landcare groups

Coal Point Landcare

More can be found on Wyong Council's interactive map.

Links to most Landcare and related groups can be accessed through the NSW Landcare Gateway. This is a user-editable platform operated by the NSW Government.

Make your own Landcare website 

This website was begun with little more expertise than being able to do word-processing -  this Google site can show you how. In addition, Tumbi Wetlands Site can help you with the nuts and bolts of HTML code.

Making a garden on your water tank

This site is dedicated to how to make your plastic or concrete water tank into a mini wall and roof garden, without compromising its water storage role.

Other publications by me, Brian Patterson, can be found here.

Support organisations

Landcare Australia 

Community Environmental Network (CEN)

Hunter Region Landcare Network


Training in bush regeneration

Hunter Region TAFE

Managing nutrient pollution

This Landcare site is suitable for trapping nutrients brought down from the catchment during flood events. How this could be managed is discussed on this website.


Birdlife Australia

Follow That Bird 

Birding Australia

Laurie Smith's photos

Gerard Satherley's Central Coast Birds 


A well-known environmentalist and battler against feral cats was born on our site - John Wamsley - even though the site of his parents' homestead is now buried under an artificial hill of topsoil deposited by the Roads & Traffic Authority.