Welcome to Palmetto Guard Airsoft

**I no longer keep this site up to date please vist www.palmettoguard.org for everything Palmetto Guard**
Welcome to the Palmetto Guard Airsoft Team website. The Palmetto Guard is a milsim team based out of Charleston, SC. 
The Guard concentrates on military professionalism and excellence through the application of essential military studies for the milsim oriented team.  Please see the Regulations page for an outline of our military studies.
If you need to contact us, please use the email address of command@palmettoguard.org and we will respond as soon as possible.

We're Recruiting!

We are currently looking for a few good men to fill the ranks of PG. If you're ready to take your game to the next level, join up!
Right now the are no gear or uniform requirements; we'll work that out as the team grows.
If you're interested please read the Enlistment page and email us at enlistment@palmettoguard.org.

Looking for a new place to play

Do you have some spare wooded land within a couple hours of the Charleston Area?
Willing to let some hardcore players on it in return for some form of compensation?
Let us know if we can work something out so we can practice there!

New Team Patch Design

This is our team patch; one is given to every team member to wear on their left arm.
Every team member is required to wear the patch to airsoft events .

Red tree represents the strength and resolve of the people of South Carolina.
The Moon and Star are representations of the past and future of the state.

What's in Our Name

    The Palmetto Guard, organized on 28 June 1851, was a volunteer company of the South Carolina Infantry Regiment, Fourth Brigade, South Carolina Militia. The Guard used The Citadel Parade Ground--now Marion Square--in front of the Old Citadel for drill and parade. In 1857 the Fourth Brigade became the joint owner of this parade ground along with the City of Charleston.
    At the time of the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, members of the Palmetto Guard manned the Steven's Ironclad Battery at Cummings Point as well as a 10-inch mortar battery nearby. A famous honorary member of the Paletto Guard was secessionist Edmund Ruffin.  Ruffin is credited with firing the first shot at Sumter from the Steven's Battery.  After Sumter's surrender, Pvt. John Styles Bird, Jr. of the unit hung the Palmetto Guard flag from the parapet of the fort facing Charleston.  This flag was the first Southern flag to fly over Fort Sumter.