Medical RSS Feeds

A collection of Medical RSS Feeds 


Using RSS Feeds

Right now I have a modest number of feeds - 75. Some are medical others are news, blogs and tech sites.  Here's a screenshot:

By clicking on the feed item on the left, the right hand panel will display the site's current feed listing with a Headline and then a brief description of the topic. If you click on the Headline, then your browser will open up a page and take you to the site where you can read the details which interest you. This way you can browse through the website's updated contents very quickly. 

OK, hope that's got your appetite whetted. Now on to some real world examples. To add these feeds to Bloglines, just hover your mouse over one of the links below, then Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut (for IE) or Copy Link Location (for Firefox). Then in Bloglines, click on the Add link and then Paste the RSS feed URL in the box and hit the Subscribe Button. Choose the Feed Folder (category) or add it to a new one. I have a feed folder called Journals for all my Journal feeds, and one called Medical for the Medical news feeds.  That's it!

General Medical Websites

Medscape Medscape requires (free) registration. But they have a tone of RSS feeds which you can pick and choose according to your taste. Medical News Today Good site for general medical and health news
MedPageToday Another good news site
CNN Health
BBC Health News
Dissect Medicine A "digg" like medical news portal
Science Daily
Malaysian Medical Resources The one and only site for Malaysian Medical Links and News ;)
WHO News

Medical Journals/Publications


But what if the Journal you are interested in does not provide RSS feeds?

Here's a useful tip. You can use Pubmed to output the latest journal articles/publications from any journal as an RSS feed! Here's how:

  1. Run a search in PubMed limiting the search only to the Journal of interest
  2. Choose RSS Feed from the Send to pull-down menu (this is at the bottom of the Pubmed page)
  3. On the RSS Feed Page you may edit the name of the feed and limit the number of items to be displayed, click Create Feed. If the number of citations retrieved is greater than your “limit” number you will have the option to link to PubMed to display the entire retrieval.
  4. Click the XML icon to display the XML and copy and paste the URL into the subscribe form in your RSS reader.

 For example for the MJM, you can ask Pubmed to display only MJM publications (use the Limit function and enter Med J Malaysia to limit to this journal) and in the Pubmed Search box, you would have only 
Med J Malaysia[Jour]  
as the Search item.
Here is the resultant RSS feed for the MJM:
Med J Malaysia

 Have fun!

Visit the MMR posting on RSS Feeds

 I have posted Haemonc RSS Feeds in my Palmdoc Chronicles Blog.

Here 's a  PDF with Screenshots to guide you along the way to using Bloglines  (thanks to the Clinical Cases Blog - original link)